Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Shark Friends all over the world!

My good friend, Tyson Cafe-Ruoff, is currently living in the Bahamas working as a scuba-diving instructor! What a great job, don't you think!?
I told him a bit about this amazing project we are apart of here, and he wanted to wish class 2B the best of luck in winning the title shark-class of 2012!
As a scuba diver, Tyson often gets the chance to see all the amazing animals living in the ocean...including some Caribbean reef sharks! He told me that he thinks that it is wonderful 2B is learning about sharks. He wishes more people would become shark ambassadors like us! Wow, thanks Tyson!

Take a look below to see some of the awesome encounters Tyson has had during his scuba diving adventures!!

Ms. Aseltine

Meet Tyson and his friend.
Ready to embark on an awesome scuba diving adventure!

"I hope we meet some cool under the sea animals!"

Tyson and his friend meet a Caribbean Reef Shark! Wow!!

Caribbean Reef Shark
What a beauty!

Sting ray

Sting ray hiding in the sand....and a shark swimming behind!

Tyson wants a kiss!

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