Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

Young Learners

It was great to have two year 1 students, Frida and Selin (participants in the holiday hort program), come to help me out with testing the water quality for the sharks today!
They were really keen learners and were more than happy to have an up and close encounter with some sharks!

After the water testing, they asked to borrow some books to read from our shark-library! Of-course! It is great to see this young generation, whether it's Frida and Selin or class 2B, become so enthusiastic about the ocean's animals. It is important that they grow up knowing that really these animals are not to be afraid of, and that it is actually super critical we help to keep them alive in order to keep the ocean and the whole world healthy!

Take a look at these young learners! Way to go!


Shark Friends all over the world!

My good friend, Tyson Cafe-Ruoff, is currently living in the Bahamas working as a scuba-diving instructor! What a great job, don't you think!?
I told him a bit about this amazing project we are apart of here, and he wanted to wish class 2B the best of luck in winning the title shark-class of 2012!
As a scuba diver, Tyson often gets the chance to see all the amazing animals living in the ocean...including some Caribbean reef sharks! He told me that he thinks that it is wonderful 2B is learning about sharks. He wishes more people would become shark ambassadors like us! Wow, thanks Tyson!

Take a look below to see some of the awesome encounters Tyson has had during his scuba diving adventures!!

Ms. Aseltine

Meet Tyson and his friend.
Ready to embark on an awesome scuba diving adventure!

"I hope we meet some cool under the sea animals!"

Tyson and his friend meet a Caribbean Reef Shark! Wow!!

Caribbean Reef Shark
What a beauty!

Sting ray

Sting ray hiding in the sand....and a shark swimming behind!

Tyson wants a kiss!

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Some one-on-one time

Today, Sunday February 19th, Ms. Aseltine went into school alone to see the shark eggs and check the water quality.
It was a great relief to see that everything seemed fine. The water tests were all accurate and the eggs seemed to be in good health as well. It has been unfortunate that we have lost two of our eggs. So, we have been perhaps extra paranoid recently because we don't want to lose anymore.
It was nice to spend some quiet quality time with the shark eggs this afternoon. The school was completely silent. Although the sharks probably missed their 2B parents and their smiling faces, it was good to have a nice silent rest!!
Ms. Aseltine is looking forward to introducing the sharks to some new children, those participating in the Fasching Holiday Hort Program. They will have the chance to administer the water tests. Furthermore, it will be great to teach them about how important sharks are to the ocean's ecosystem.

Will keep you posted...