Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Shark Scare!!

"Ms.A!..Ms. A, the shark baby!", Katy yelled as she ran up to my desk. "What happened, is everything okay?", I said as I stood up and hurried towards the aquarium to see what the matter was. Katy and the other students, who had quickly gathered around, explained to me that one of the shark babies seemed to be trapped in one corner of his egg case. I took a close look and it seemed to be true. I too was a bit concerned because earlier in the week I remembered that same shark constantly swimming to and fro within his egg.
"Well, it's a good thing we have such observant shark-sitters in our class making sure at all times that nothing goes wrong!", I said.
I immediately put on some rubber gloves and got out the small net to pick up the shark baby and give it a closer look. As I softly felt the egg I noticed a dent in the egg case. Oh No!! The shark baby seemed to not be able to swim to the other side of his egg because the dent was blocking his way!
I of course didn't want to alarm my students who were all eagerly standing around me waiting patiently for my news. I let them know that the shark seemed to be fine, but that I would call SeaLife to see what they said about the dent.
Ms. Feninger made the call to SeaLife. She reported back to us that the dent should not be a problem. WHEW!!
The lady at SeaLife said that perhaps the shark baby will be a little restricted for a bit, however as he or she grows he will push past the dent and everything should be fine. However, as usual she advised, we should continue to keep a close eye on the little guy!
We will keep you updated...

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  1. It's exciting to read the report. We wish the "litte guy" all the best.