Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

2B Presents at Assembly

Today was an exciting day for Munich's shark class!
We have all been really eager to share our shark-news with the rest of the school, so we decided to hold an assembly! We invited all of the year 1 and 2 classes to the auditorium so that we could share why we became Munich's shark class and also all the great new information we have learnt so far.
Here are the students who took part in the assembly:

Leon introduced the class.
Isabel presented the prize-winning totempole.
Luis and Julius W. presented the portfolio, which included pictures and comments about the creation process of the totempole.
Paul read his Haiku poem.
Christopher told his funny shark joke.
Alisha, Ben and Carla presented their shark diaries, which they have kept and updated on a regular basis regarding the day-to-day life as a shark-sitter.
Johan and Celina presented the 3 tests (Ammonium, Nitrite, Nitrate) and described the daily process of testing the aquarium water.
Katy concluded the assembly presentation.

All students did a great job and obviously were thrilled to share with their peers their great news!!

p.s. Ben and Viki today tested the aquarium water. Whew!...everything looks perfect!

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