Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

In the clear!!

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After changing the water in the aquarium tank in order to balance out the nitrate and nitrate levels, the filter was making the strangest sound.
hmmmm... Ms. Aseltine wondered if the filter somehow became dislodged when changing the water???
It could be a BIG problem if it was broken! So, Ms. Feninger called SEALIFE again to let them know about the new dilemma. The lady on the phone said she would be right over.
SEALIFE to the rescue!!

When the lady from SEALIFE arrived she could see right away what the problem was. It turned out the filter needed to be placed on the ground, instead of right next to the tank, in order to work properly. It was all about physics, she said. Poor Ms. Feninger and Ms. Aseltine were such amateurs at being shark parents!

As the lady from SEALIFE checked over everything for us once more before leaving, she could see that one of the shark eggs had lost his grip on the leaves and was floating on the top, allowing air into his shell. She informed us that this was not good and could be very dangerous!! We had to grab the baby shark and squeeze VERY gently to make sure not to squeeze the little guy, but hard enough to push all the air out. She told us that we needed to be careful of this. Whew! Thank goodness SEALIFE came to the rescue!
We learnt A LOT of important lessons today on how to take better care of our babies!

So after about 3 nerve-racking hours of shark-sitting, Ms. Feninger and Ms. Aseltine could finally go home and sleep well knowing their shark eggs would be okay! :)

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  1. Bin gestern über Facebook auf den Blog hin gewesen worden. Eine tolle Sache! Gratuliere euch ganz herzlich. Werde mir jetzt alle Beiträge ansehen.
    Grüße aus Hamburg