Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

Our first baby scare !!

Just as any devoting parents would, Ms. Feninger and Ms. Aseltine came in to school on the weekend to make sure everything was going okay with their new baby shark eggs. Both teachers insisted on coming in because they just couldn't stay away (they are just so cute!).
After first making sure the temperature and salt water percentage was accurate they began to proceed with the testing of the water. The ammonium levels were clear at < 0, 05 mg/L. Whew! good news..
But OH NO! ..both the nitrite and nitrate levels are way too high! It's only been two days since they've had the shark eggs, what could have gone wrong?! Immediately they call the 'shark doctors' at SEALIFE. They ask Ms. Feninger to fax in the results of the tests and to wait patiently for their call to see what to do next.
Ms. Feninger and Ms. Aseltine anxiously wait, they hope everything is alright.
Finally!! SEALIFE calls back. They advise Ms. Feninger and Ms. Aseltine to change the water in the tank.
While changing the water, the filter begins to make strange sounds..Uh Oh! Now what!?
In an hour or so they will check the water levels again....
Stay tuned to find out if everything was a success!....

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